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Our Value
We pride ourselves on the friendly and collaborative way we work together - as a commercial organisation our continued success depends on it. Consultancy assignments frequently require team-based structures across both regional and technical boundaries. We are continually striving to ensure that we offer clients the best team wherever it may be based. Our values, described below, reflect what our employees believe the company stands for and how we approach our work.


we are professional and present ourselves, and our work, appropriately for the audience we are talking to. The professional expertise at MVA covers a wide and diverse range of capabilities.

Independent and specialist
MVA is independently managed and is a specialist in transport and related fields. This is reflected in our approach and viewpoint.

MVA people are interested in their work and arriving at the right solution. Our interest stems from understanding the client perspective, and delivering a clear point of view, that typifies and enriches our recommendations.

Brave and honest
we give our clients clear and objective advice; our processes are transparent and evidence-based. We provide solutions that bear scrutiny and stand the test of time. We have the confidence to deliver our point of view and to market our wider offer.

Our honesty is balanced by our commerciality. Our advice will be as commercially aware as it is honest. And our relationships are run efficiently, so that projects are properly resourced and supported.

Clever and collaborative
MVA is an intelligent and mature business where the environment is friendly and nurturing, leading to collaboration and innovation. We have a diverse blend of complementary skills that we bring together to develop client solutions at both a macro and a micro level.

the quality of our methods and care in their detailed application is what we are known for. We apply these same principles to the wider consultancy arena, ensuring equal care and attention to our more qualitative work.

Dynamic and innovative
though we may deliver it quietly, we are inventive, flexible, and fleet of foot. Using all our skills in harmony, we provide engaging and lasting solutions for our clients.

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