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Sustainable Development Initiatives - 2010 Reports

With our determination to build a sustainable synergy in our Asia-wide operation, MVA is committed to providing sustainable, practical and value-added solutions as part of our professional commitments to our clients. At MVA, we not only strive to strike an appropriate balance between technical excellence, but also doing our utmost to ensure that we are meeting the needs for development of the present society, while preserving the environment for our generations to come.

We strive to integrate sustainable concepts into our solutions and work together with our clients to create development projects that are environmentally-friendly and harmonious with the neighbouring communities. Some notable examples include:

West Kowloon Cultural District (Hong Kong) to design various concept plans to offer
     a green living, working and leisure environment at the heart of Hong Kong’s harbour.

Saifee Burhani Upliftment (India) urban renewal project to transform the area into a
     sustainable neighbourhood stressing on resource recycling and energy conservation,
     and pleasant greenery;

Other sustainable projects included “One North” Development to provide a green techno
     city in Singapore; Energy and Environmental Assessment Study on tools and methodologies
     for Bangkok in Thailand, and Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Mission in Vietnam.

Commencing since 2009, the Sustainable Development Management Committee has devised internal environmental company policies and advocated communications channels for dissemination and involvement of staff for company’s relevant initiatives. We encourage our staff to reduce carbon footprints through adopting various environmental office policies - (a) paper recycling system; (b) waste separation management; and (c) digitalization of hardcopy reports. We have stressed the importance of effective communications via regular circulars, internal newsletters and social media channels, as we seek to impart the messages across our operations in Asia. On social sustainability and corporate social responsibility ends, we have launched MVA Arts Connectivity, targeting to promote arts and cultural development as a means to explore the inherently diverse cultural values, and to forge ahead a dynamic connectivity between arts, business and the wider community as a whole.

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