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Honorary Chairman

Fred has over 40 years international experience, directing major projects in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Australasia and Europe. He has strong technical background in all modes of transport policy, planning, design and implementation including pedestrian planning.

He serves as advisor to Governments, Private Investors and operators on infrastructure investment projects and operating systems including Mass Transit Railway Corporation, Hong Kong; Bangkok Transit System Thailand; Bangkok Second Stage Expressway, etc. He is also instrumental in developing transport modelling and evaluation techniques in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Europe.

Chief Executive Officer

Ian McGovern has over 24 years of international experience in transport development sectors across various Asian countries. He has held a variety of progressive roles in international multi-disciplinary engineering firms and has led an extensive number of projects in Asia.

His project experience extends into China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Ian has also worked and lived in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Malaysia. As Chief Executive Officer of MVA in Asia, Ian is responsible for all its operations in Asia.

Vincent CHAN
Director (MVA Hong Kong / MVA Shenzhen)

Vincent has over 35 years of experience in urban transportation planning & design, including surveys, planning, design and implementation for traffic and transport schemes for numerous district and regional traffic studies, land use and transport integration studies, and traffic engineering assessments and design for highway and road infrastructure and utility improvement projects. His experience covers Hong Kong and major cities in China.

He has extensive experience in formulation of transportation plans in Land Use / Transport studies for major districts and new towns, covering road network, public transport system, fright transport, parking, pedestrian, road safety etc. He has been involved in numerous traffic impact assessment and Master Plan Study for shopping centres, business complex, hotels, residential and in particular large scale integrated property development projects in China.

Francis SOOTOO
Director (MVA Hong Kong / MVA Asia)

Francis is a Director of Systra MVA with over 30 years wide ranging experience in traffic and transportation engineering and project management of large scale government and private sector projects acquired in the UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and other Asian countries, MENA (Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar), Saipan Island, CNMI and Mexico. Prior to joining MVA, he was a public servant in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, London looking after traffic management in the district.

He has extensive experience in Land use catchment and transport accessibility and connectivity studies for large scale mixed-use development. Sustainable & urban transport master planning studies. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Studies. Spatial planning and designs for multi-storey car park for large-scale Mixed-use Development - Shopping Malls, Integrated Resorts/Leisure Entertainment Centres, Casino, Hotels and Serviced Apartment/Condo, Commercial Centres and Offices, Residential, Stadium/ Arena/Sport Centres, Public Amenity/Space, Theme and Leisure Parks and Institution/ Hospital Developments, Airport related Landside and Developments. He has involved in road safety and accident remedial studies, surveys, traffic calming measures, pedestrianisation, walkability, urban streetscape improvement, junction design, detailed intersection & road network design, highway engineering, temporary traffic management measure for road work constructions and utilities works, pedestrian crowd control management, public transport and bus priority measures, regional traffic and transport studies as well as providing transport related strategic advisory services to private developers in Asia.

He is the Director responsible for MVA’s Quality Assurance System and overall coordination of resources in HK, China and Asia Region as well as HK Hub Asia Business Development/Systra Co-ordination.

Director (MVA Asia / MVA Singapore / MVA Thailand)

Chris Ayles is a skilled transport planner with more than 26 years experience, the last 22 of which he has been based in Asia (undertaking projects in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Malaysia).

Chris is currently MVA director responsible for the company’s business in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as technical direction of transport modelling and forecasting projects in the region (excluding Hong Kong/China).

Chapman LAM
Director (MVA Hong Kong)

Chapman has over 22 years of international experience in managing a wide variety of traffic and transport related projects through his experience gained in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Asia, and Canada. For the HK public sector, he has a solid background in various projects including urban district traffic studies; land use planning studies; highway infrastructure planning studies, etc. Outside HK, Chapman has extensive experience in the concept, schematic and detailed design of complex comprehensive developments through working with leading developers and architects in particular in China. He is also very familiar with traffic modeling, traffic simulation, GIS, and with traffic collision black spot studies via many involvements during his time in Canada.

Michael CHIU
Director (MVA Shenzhen)

Michael has over 31 years of international experience covering China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has expertise in surveys, planning, detailed design and implementation for traffic and transport projects, and has been extensively involved in many development studies including shopping mall, hotel, commercial and residential developments, especially in China. In addition, he possesses in-depth experience in planning and design of vehicular and pedestrian transport facilities, and has proposed many innovative schemes which have been implemented successfully for various developments.

Director (MVA Thailand)

Dr. Kritsda is a professional in the transportation field with over 26 years experience. His experience covers all aspects of traffic and transport planning, modeling and engineering. Generally responsible as Project Manager/Team Leader for traffic and transport inputs on feasibility, planning, forecasting and design projects, including provide direction and management of various traffic and transport studies.

Previous projects have included area traffic studies; intermodal transport study; toll optimising study; mass transit fare strategy; toll road and mass transport forecasting and revenue studies; traffic impact analysis and development planning and layout design. His recent projects have emphasized on motorway toll policy study, ridership and revenue forecasts for Bangkok mass transit system as well as toll road traffic and revenue forecasts in PPP bidding project.

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